Welkom bij Roukema Consultancy


Roukema Consultancy staat voor:
• Servicegerichte IT-dienstverlening met oog voor gebruiksvriendelijkheid en toegevoegde waarde van IT-toepassingen
• Bouwen van hechte, creatieve en pragmatische teams die voor elkaar door het vuur willen gaan en daardoor toegevoegde waarde leveren.
Sleutelwoorden hierbij zijn: Gezond verstand/Positiviteit/Lean/BISL/Six Sigma/Situationeel Leidinggeven/Prince2/ITIL



Ik ben een servicegerichte, ondernemende en evenwichtige persoon met uitstekende communicatieve vaardigheden. Het benutten van mogelijkheden en het bouwen van bruggen geven mij veel energie. Ik hou ervan om mensen uit verschillende werelden en achtergronden met elkaar te verbinden. Ik geniet ervan om mensen te inspireren en in staat te stellen om uit te blinken in wat ze doen en zo hun potentieel te benutten en hun doelen te bereiken. In mijn leidinggevende rollen heb ik de afgelopen jaren laten zien dat ik het vermogen heb om sterke teams te bouwen en deze aan te moedigen om creatieve en pragmatische oplossingen te verzinnen waarbij de klant centraal staat. Hiernaast heb ik een passie voor goede koffie en barista skills.


Een greep uit geïmplementeerde projecten:

  • Inrichten Functioneel Beheer (Lean/Bisl)
  • Migratie van Privacy Impact Assessments naar centraal systeem
  • Inrichten Global Support Model met bijbehorend juridisch raamwerk voor grensoverschrijdend dataverkeer
  • Inrichten Support Webportal
  • Implementatie Support Tool
  • Global implementatie Reward applicatie
  • Implementatie Global Data Model
  • Transitie business applicatie support offshore (Statement of Work)


Privacy Office Analist a.i. (2017)
Teammanager Functional Application Management a.i. at Rabobank (2016)
Head of HR Information Solutions bij Rabobank (2014-2015)
Global HR Systems Manager bij Rabobank (2011-2014
Global HR Systems Analyst bij Rabobank (2007-2011)
IT Service Management Specialist bij Capgemini (2006-2007)
Field Account Manager bij Call2 (2004-2006)
Teamleader Business Application Supportdesk bij Hewlett Packard (2003-2004)
Helpdesk Specialist Business Application Supportdesk bij Hewlett Packard (2001-2003)
Sales Support Officer bij Debitel (1999-2001)

Meer informatie kunt u vinden op mijn LinkedIn profiel.


“Daniel joined my team at Rabobank in 2007 and became team manager 4 years later with responsibility for both process and systems specialists supporting international HR systems and various other projects in the Netherlands. He proved himself to be a sensitive and insightful team manager who has an innate ability to get things done whilst building effective working relationships both with his team and with other areas, through sometimes tough but fair decision making and objective networking so that in a crisis, what needs to be done gets done! A pleasure to work with and someone who has grown immeasurably in a relatively short space of time in his years at Rabobank. Highly recommended” – Rob Derry, managed Daniel at Rabobank.

“I had the pleasure to work with Daniel and reported to him at Rabobank International in both the HRIS service team and during the HR Standardization / PeopleSoft HCM implementation program.
When it was Daniel’s responsibility to maintain and optimize HR systems (SaaS and ERP/PeopleSoft) he led a very stable and organized support team with a focus on continuous improvement. At the same time he never stopped exploring new opportunities for the team or exploring new tools or pragmatic solutions for the benefit of the (HR) business goals.
When it was Daniel’s role to deliver or contribute to new functionality, he pushed for the best end user experience and he acted in the interest for the greater good of the overall business case. SaaS Vendors and PeopleSoft implementation consultants learned quickly that he is a critical thinker, not afraid to push back and yet being a cooperative and pragmatic stakeholder soon gaining their respect.
Daniel is a people manager, actively managing and supporting individual development for his team-members and will have a positive impact on any support team he is leading” – Stephan Leeuwangh, reported to Daniel at Rabobank

“Daniel was my manager for 2,5 years at Rabobank while we were working on implementing multiple HR applications and a new operating model organized around these applications. Working conditions weren’t always the easiest in a quickly changing and international environment but Daniel always managed to pull through and deliver.
Daniel’s ability to combine both enabling personal growth as well as reaching team objectives is fantastic. Furthermore Daniel is a real teambuilder, able to guide his team through tough conditions. Daniel has played an important role in my professional growth during the time we worked together, needless to say I am very happy to have worked with him” – Ed van Es, reported to Daniel at Rabobank

“I had the pleasure of working with Daniel while I was with Hewlett Packard (HP) as Manager of EMEA IT Support Operations. Daniel managed the ‘BITS’ Team (Business IT Support), that looked after operational support for the customer contact applications used by the HP call centres in the EMEA region.
During his time at HP Daniel took on a major project to transition the Business IT Support team activities to a HP division located in Bangalore, India. Despite having the not so pleasant task of transitioning his own team; which went very smoothly, he did a remarkable job of creating a very solid Statement of Work. The latter being a key component of the transition.
Daniel is an excellent people manager ensuring a very happy/positive work environment while motivating the team so that targets are met. He is organised and meticulous in his approach to tasks. His knowledge of IT operations is outstanding and one would have to look long and hard to find someone more qualified.
On that note, I highly recommend Daniel for your IT challenges, he will not let you down.” – Peter Keun, managed Daniel at Hewlett Packard